How can I accept the session?
When received a notification clicks on the accept button.

How can I reject the session?
Click on the reject button found in the notification

How can I update my location?
Location automatically updates according to your location.

After the reject session can it accept it later?
No, you can not accept this session

How can I view my all sessions?
In sessions there are two types of sessions one is a past session and the other future session. 

Payment method?
The student will pay you hard cash on the spot after completing the session

How can I cancel the session?
Tutor and Student both can cancel the session before the start of the session. There will be a 15 to 30 minutes demo at the start of the session and in demo time both tutor & student can cancel the session. If Tutor cancels the session Student will get notified and vice versa.

Rate of the session?
The rate of every session varies according to the subject and class. TOOTAR will set a range for every subject of class and tutors can set their rates within the range. The price range will start from a minimum of 200 rupees to a maximum of 2000 rupees.